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    The Sugar Plum Fair is a sight like no other. The entire school is transformed into a winter wonderland by the BVCS community of parents, students and teachers. The funds raised go back into the school in a variety of ways that enhance the experiences of our children even further. Our children have benefited tremendously from Sugar Plum Fair initiatives over the years.
    BVCS Parent
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    The Sugar Plum Fair has been a great unifying event for staff and community to come together and achieve a common goal. This event has provided the students of Beaver Valley with numerous opportunities to enhance their educational learning in a variety of areas such as the Arts, Technology and Outdoor Education.
    Curtis Coyne
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    The Sugar Plum Fair has been a tremendously successful fundraising event at Beaver Valley Community School. Over the years, our Community Advisory Council has rallied together to organize a really fun community event for all ages, while raising money to fund several amazing opportunities for the students at our school. With this incredible support from our community, B.V.C.S. has been able to achieve playground improvements, our amazing library upgrades, the purchase of technology and equipment for our classrooms, field trip opportunities for our students, performing arts experiences, and incredible outdoor learning spaces for students to explore. As a teacher at Beaver Valley, I am very grateful for the difference this hard work has made over the years for the children at our school.
    Kim Kearns
    Grade 4 Teacher